APW is driven to pioneer the commercial development of the hydrogen economy in Queensland, driving job creation and engaging local businesses to develop the supply chain for this sector.

A range of industries has joined this new ecosystem through hydrogen applications such as transport, cooking, heating, and chemical feedstock.

With Government funding support, APW will develop, in collaboration with a range of industries, the hydrogen economy in Australia. APW is securing ARENA funding to build the infrastructure to produce green hydrogen, and it is required to mention the potential customers for renewable gas. Therefore, it is paramount to define our collaboration now for the future hydrogen supply in 2025.

It’s a big opportunity for you, gas retailer,  
to pioneer this transition by: 

Being a part of the first 20MW project in Australia that will produce 100% green H2 for the domestic economy,  thereby directly reducing QLDs emissions.

Teaming up with Australian-owned and operated business and working with local QLD businesses.

Being at the forefront of reducing emissions in the gas sector by providing green hydrogen for blending into the QLD gas network.

Being part of a world-leading domestic Hydrogen ecosystem.

Becoming a green company by acting socially and environmentally responsible.

Being a major player in the development of hydrogen hubs.

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