About Unleaded Fuels

Unleaded fuels require a spark or ignition source in the engine to convert the fuel into energy. These fuels are rated according to RON.

RON is the worldwide standard used to test the compression rate of a fuel grade under controlled conditions to see the fuel’s ability to burn. The higher the RON, the more compression the fuel can withstand before ignition, and the better the fuel is for your car.

What octane rating should you use?

Inside the fuel flap on your car you’ll see the recommended octane rating to use.  If the recommendation is Unleaded Petrol Only, you can use ULP91. You can also use higher ratings (95 and 98.)

But if the recommendation is for Premium Unleaded Only, you should only use ULP95 or ULP98. If the recommendation is for ULP98 only, then always use that rating of fuel.

Be aware

While you can use 95 or 98 octane rating fuels in a car with an engine designed for 91, NEVER use a lower grade than the one recommended for your car. If your car is designed for 95, do not use 91, as this can cause damage to your engine.

APW Unleaded Fuels

With our three grades of unleaded fuel available at our consistently lower rates, you’ll find the right APW fuel to provide both performance and economy for your car – one that will also protect it against carbon deposits.

91 Unleaded.

Unleaded fuel with an octane level of 91-93%. This unleaded fuel can be used by most cars, unless your car requires Premium or Super Premium fuel. ULP91 provides a great combination of performance and economy.

95 Premium Unleaded.

Unleaded fuel with an octane level of 95-96% RON. It is a more refined fuel than 91 ULP and is often used by European cars because it helps their performance.

98 Premium Unleaded.

Unleaded fuel with the highest RON rating of 98%. It is highly refined and provides the best performance for a vehicle. It is the cleanest burning fuel, leaving the least carbon contaminants in the engine. It also provides great fuel economy.

About Diesel Fuels

In a diesel engine, the combustion chambers heat to a temperature that ignites fuel spontaneously when it’s sprayed into the chambers.

APW Diesel Fuels

Ultra-Low Sulphur 10% Diesel.

Sulphur is added at 10 parts per million to increase fuel performance, to aid in the fuel burn and to lower emissions.

Diesel GOLD.

Our special custom additive makes our diesel gold in colour, hence its name.

Diesel GOLD delivers an optimum burn rate, which delivers more kilometres per litre for you, and helps to lubricate your car’s engine. Other Diesel GOLD benefits include:

  • Fuel saving between 4% and 9%
  • Power increase of 5% to 7%
  • Reduction in engine noise of 15%
  • Black smoke reduction by 15%
  • Up to 21% decrease in emissions

Diesel Gold delivers a cleaner fuel with less environmentally damaging emissions – and it saves you money!

Exclusive to APW – Your Servo!

Auto Wash

Our state-of-the art auto wash machine washes your vehicles using a patented non-porous material called SofTecs. This material works with shampoo and foam to remove dirt and grime from your car. Designed and engineered in Germany, the auto wash machine is used by the world’s leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers – BMW, Audi and Porsche. SofTecs is guaranteed to be the safest way to wash your vehicle. It’s even safer than hand washing!

You stay in your car, enjoying a coffee and a snack, while the machine gets down to some serious cleaning action.

With a range of four car wash programs to choose from, you’ll find the right one to keep your car looking pristine and polished – and save you time. And depending on the wash program you choose, SofTecs fibres can also buff and polish your car.

We love giving value to our customers. With our special option, you can purchase multiple car washes at a great discount and use them later.

Please note: Always check with our friendly console operators to make sure your car is suitable for our car wash.

GO Gourmet

You’re on the go and you need something that really hits the spot. You need Go Gourmet. Its café-style environment is warm and inviting. It’s packed with gourmet delights that we’ve carefully sourced, so you – and your taste buds – can have a delectable experience.

You’ll be hard-pressed to choose from our fresh, generous sandwiches and our big bowls of crunchy salads. And when it comes to our decadent range of luscious pastries, you won’t want to stop at just one.

No café is complete without freshly ground coffee, and at the touch of a button you have yours! But if it’s hot outside, why not cool down with a cold drink or a SnowMAX from our newest machine.

GO Gourmet. Café-style deliciousness with you in mind.

APW – We’ve got your back

Want someone you can always rely on? Want someone that’s always got your back? That’s what APW is all about.

So when you’ve run out of essential items, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. Want ice for your barbie? Consider it done. Need a sparkling car to pick up your mother-in-law? Our auto wash comes to your rescue.  Have to feed a hungry horde of kids? Not a problem.

We take care of every detail, so you have a great experience. And because our focus is on you – and your needs – you’ll always feel welcome and right at home with us. From paper towels in the forecourt, to our array of grocery staples, freshly-ground coffee and delectable café options, to our state-of-the-art auto wash, and our great-priced fuel – it’s all for you. At APW, we’ve always got your back.