From Small Businesses to Large Fleet Operations, APW offers you great fuel pricing and quality fuel.

And when your fleet is moving, your business grows. That’s why bringing your fleet account to APW just makes sense.

Advantages of joining APW

  • Be aware of your expected fuel costs for your business. This is great for your cash flow!
  • There is no setup or monthly fees.
  • APW Accounts provide you with detailed monthly reports – on vehicle or fuel level – so you have a complete fleet solution.
  • Consistent and reliable pricing means you can manage your cash flow, giving you more flexibility and planning power.
  • You can limit the type of goods and services purchased and then know, with confidence, what each vehicle uses – month by month.
  • Because you’ve prepaid, your cash flow is not strained, and you do not get unexpected bills at the end of the month that may cause stress and worry.

So, whether you have 1 or 10+ vehicles, APW can help to fuel your fleet further.

Fuel Reporting Tool

Our reporting tool can provide you with the following information:

  • Which car filled up and the date and time (which is signed by your driver)
  • Volume filled
  • Price at fill up
  • Any other goods purchased


You already know you are always getting the best-priced fuel without the added corporate account costs that come from the big guys. We have one price for everyone – and it’s the best price on the market!


Happy to start the process?

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Please note: This is a Prepaid Fuel Account, where funds are added to the account in advance to be used by the fleet.