APW Diesel Fuels

In a diesel engine, the combustion chambers heat to a temperature that ignites fuel spontaneously when it’s sprayed into the chambers.

Ultra-Low Sulphur 10% Diesel.

Sulphur is added at 10 parts per million to increase fuel performance, to aid in the fuel burn and to lower emissions.

Diesel GOLD.

Our special custom additive makes our diesel gold in colour, hence its name.

Diesel GOLD delivers an optimum burn rate, which delivers more kilometres per litre for you, and helps to lubricate your car’s engine. Other Diesel GOLD benefits include:

• Fuel saving up to 9%
• Power increase up to 7%
• Reduction in engine noise up to 15%
• Black smoke reduction up to 15%
• Decrease in emissions up to 21%

Diesel Gold delivers a cleaner fuel with less environmentally damaging emissions – and it saves you money!

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