APW Prepaid Accounts

From Small Businesses to Large Fleet Operations, APW offers you great fuel pricing and quality fuel.

And when your fleet is moving, your business grows. That’s why bringing your fleet account to APW just makes sense.


Find the Advantages in joining APW Prepaid Accounts.

Your Trusted Partner in Fuel Haulage

At APW, we specialise in providing first-class fuel haulage solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of the fuel industry. With our highly experienced team and strong network partnerships within the field industry, we are best positioned to deliver fuel safely, reliably, and on time.

Join the list of already satisfied major fuel suppliers and make APW your preferred fuel distribution specialist.


Need a fuel tank to take your freight or transport business to the next level?  We can help to streamline your operation and deliver a turn-key operation with money-making potential. How good is that!

We facilitate an above-ground fuel tank at your location. This ensures that you’ll have uncontaminated fuel of the highest premium quality – fuel that is used by your entire fleet.

Our premium product is Diesel Gold, which delivers superior benefits like driving further and better fuel efficiency.  Take a look at our Diesel Gold information.

We manage, operate and maintain your tank, which leaves you free to drive your business further.

All our tanks have state-of-the-art technology which allows us to monitor your fuel needs – remotely – and ensure that you have a seamless fuel supply.

Note that your business will need to be assessed and approved to ensure that the onsite APW 2 YOU tank will be viable for your business.


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