Our Mission

Our unique business model enables people with integrity and a passion for excellence to build wealth through an unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service. The three cornerstones of our business model are consistently cheaper quality fuel, highly appealing in-store products and an unbeatable, positive experience with our staff.

That’s service. That’s APW. Your SERVO!

Who We Are

APW was founded on the solid principles of integrity, purpose and determination – principles that underpin the company’s unshakeable belief that customers are the core of their business.

As such, it was imperative to build the APW customer experience into one where customers fast become loyal to the APW brand – and remain loyal to the brand.

So, with an unerring instinct for enhancing customer experience, APW has taken their business to new levels, using technology to streamline processes, and constantly searching for and adding premium products and services to grow the brand and increase customer loyalty.

APW Values

APW’s core values epitomise the company to their customers and the marketplace and they act as a guide to their staff. APW’s core values are integrity, open communication, product quality, innovation and uncompromising customer service.  These values define APW as a company that operates with integrity, treats others with respect by encouraging open dialogue, and puts their customers first by ensuring that they only stock quality products and by constantly seeking new ways to enhance their customer experience.


At APW, we take environmental issues very seriously.  We’re an energy provider with a social conscience. All our stores have solar panels installed to help reduce our own carbon footprint.

We stringently comply with all EPA regulations, so when you fill your tank with our fuel, you can be assured that we are doing our part to help the environment.  We also have procedures in place to help protect our local ecology.

We’ve installed state-of-the-art VR2-compliant petrol pumps in all our service stations, to capture vapours released when you fill up your car.  That means cleaner air – and no nasty fumes!

And because we’re at the forefront of technology, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our operation and to reduce our environmental impact.

APW – Making a difference.

Australian Owned

APW is an Australian model, through and through, unlike many fuel franchise agreements that were developed overseas. It was made for our economy. It was made for our unique national demographic. APW understands our reliance on petroleum products and has ensured that we can enjoy them every day with fair dinkum Aussie pricing – for both business and for families.

So you can sign on with confidence, knowing that our model has been successfully tried and tested – right here in our backyard. You can’t get any more Australian than that!