Our Mission

APW’s Mission is to empower individuals and businesses with superior fuel solutions. Driven by innovation and a commitment to sustainability, we deliver exceptional customer service, high-quality fuel products, and cost-effective services.

APW2U – Leading the Way

APW2U is our innovative division dedicated to offering top-tier fuel solutions while championing sustainability and customer satisfaction.

APW2U helps businesses streamline their operations by providing advanced fuel management systems. Businesses benefit from improved cash flow as they only pay for the fuel used daily, akin to a vending machine model.

They enjoy current terminal prices,  lowering their overall fuel costs. Our system allows businesses to adjust their fuel usage predictions, ensuring they never run out of fuel without needing dedicated personnel.

With premium diesel gold and optional AdBlue included, APW2U lets businesses focus on their core operations while we handle their fuel needs expertly.

Our customers are already experiencing the benefits and are highly satisfied with our service.


Our Core Values

Innovation: We champion cutting-edge technology to create efficient and superior fuel solutions.

Customer Commitment: Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed expectations through exceptional service, reliable supply, and tailored solutions.

Integrity: Trust is paramount. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, building strong relationships with partners, customers, and the community.

Responsibility: We believe in responsible growth. We incorporate sustainable practices and minimise our environmental footprint, ensuring a cleaner future.

Environment Stewardschip

At APW, environmental stewardship is central to our mission. We demonstrate this commitment through solar-powered stores, compliance with stringent environmental regulations, and the use of advanced VR2-compliant petrol pumps for reduced emissions. We continually seek innovative ways to minimise our ecological footprint.

Australian Owned

APW is proudly Australian and tailored to our economy and national demographics. Unlike many fuel franchises developed overseas, our model is built on understanding the local reliance on petroleum products and providing fair pricing. With APW, you can trust in a model that’s been successfully tried and tested in Australia for Australians.